April 20, 2020

Marriage Monday’s | Why Marriage

couple dancing in kitchen

I am so excited to start a new blog series with you guys! Marriage Monday’s is a series not just for couples who have already said “i do” but for the ones on their journey to their big day. For the ones who want to leave a legacy!  Why start a marriage series? I started photographing couples because I believe in marriage!

I believe in my own marriage, which has not always been rainbows and unicorns. Beyond the pretty photos of me and my husband is a story, a legacy! We have had ten years of ups and downs. There has been so many seasons we have been in and learned from. I think I can share our story and make a difference. I get to help couples at the beginning of their marriage. I get to encourage, support, and nurture each couple I add to the #SRWCOUPLES family! I want to be your  biggest cheerleader as you do life together!

I want couples to know that their marriage has a purpose! There is a purpose JUST FOR YOU TWO! I want my couples to write a legacy for their marriage that combines strengths and weaknesses, one with great love, grace, and humble beginnings.  Heck, we are all human and no one is perfect so a thriving legacy that pours out into a strong, joyful, and grace-filled marriage will have generations that follow you. Marriage is work, everyday work! We got this and you got this!

During this series I will share some of my favorite book recommendations, date night inspirations ( even without a sitter!!! ), podcasts, and marriage goals. I don’t claim to be an expert but I love sharing our wins! I hope you will join me in celebrating marriage and committing to starting a legacy with me!

Next Monday I will be sharing some of the most inspiring people who have helped me in my marriage. If you would like a sneak peek into who they are then click here! See you next week!

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