May 16, 2019

Wedding Tip Wednesday | The Perfect Fit

Hello Brides and Brides-To-Be! Welcome to my new Blog Series, Wedding Tip Wednesday! If your planning your dream wedding then you have come to the right place! Planning your wedding can be stressful, but it does not have to be! I want each of you to have some helpful tips to relieve some of the stresses during the planning process! Starting off on the right foot is key to a stress free, and also fun experience! Today we are going to talk about the right fit when it comes to your photographer and your vendors. You want to choose vendors that are on your side, understand your needs, speak your love language, and communicate with you from start to finish. Today I want to talk about choosing the right fit for your photographer!

You can have the best photographer in the world, but, if you do not feel relaxed around them, how can you trust them! You want your photographer to be as excited about your wedding as you are. Finding someone that is looking forward to and passionate about capturing your day, will make you feel relaxed in front of the camera with the ability to know they are going to do a great job.  Your photographer is by your side from the time you step into your dress, to the moment you drive away with your new husband! You can’t deny how important it is to have a photographer that you get along with and who will fill your day with good vibes! If your wedding day suddenly turns into a rainy downpour, or your vendor is an hour late making your  schedule behind she/he will be the one who can turn that around in a flash without you even knowing or having to worry! My first tip is to meet your potential photographer! Meet for coffee, schedule a Skype session or even a phone meeting.


There are hundreds of photographers out there and each with their own style. From light and airy, to dark and moody, to documentary, to traditional. It is important to find a photographer that will document your wedding how you would like it documented, and capture photographs that will be true to who you are as a couple. If you find a photographer whose images make your heart skip a beat, than ask them to see a full wedding gallery! This will give you sense of each part of your day. Social media posts and blogs showcase a photographer’s best images, but you wan to make sure that every aspect of your day is captured consistently. When the light is perfect and glowy it is easy to create a beautiful image, but what about when the light is less than ideal? What about when the reception venue is dark and dimly lit or when it rains? You wan to know that your photographer can still create beautiful images!

Lastly….the dreaded budget talk! I know this is a tough one! When it comes to wedding photography more often than not, you get what you pay for. Cost is definitely important, but try to base your decision not just on the price, but also the quality. With wedding photographs this is important, there is no way to redo them! Your images are FOREVER and your memories are priceless. When you find that perfect photographer that is just out of your price range, don’t give up. Some photographers do offer custom packages, you may not get a full day of coverage, or an hour of getting ready photos. But you may be surprised at other offerings that are available to capture the important parts of your big day. You want to make sure your photographer has a contract. Contracts are not just for the photographers, but also for the client. If there is no contract, no paper trail, you have no proof that you’ve even booked your wedding date with the photographer. There’s also no agreement on the time they’ll arrive, the number of hours of photography coverage you paid for, etc. So make sure they have a contract.


I hope you find these tips helpful! I can’t wait to dive in and continue more Wedding Tip Wednesdays! If you have a question or any topic you would love for me to feature then shoot me and email and let me know! Here’s a little extra tip! ENJOY your day and stop every now and then to take in what’s happening! You’ll remember so much more of it if you STOP and enjoy the celebration!!

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